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Before submitting music samples, please complete and send the form below. We will contact you with additional instructions.

  • Before receiving a music sample from you, we PREFER to first review your music on your website, MySpace, YouTube or other web-based media site. Providing a link to one of those will save time. If we are interested, we will then ask you to send additional MP3s.
  • You must own or have rights to the music you send. If co-written, you must get permission from the other writers.
  • Copyright. Your songs must be protected. It is very important.
  • If we represent your music, you must belong to a Pro Affiliate: ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC in the US, SOCAN in Canada, or a corresponding affiliate in your home country. WHY? That is the only way you will get paid your royalties.

Disclaimer: Please understand that competition is tough out there. The music that we represent must be well-produced and well-written. If we are interested in your music, then we will contact you. It is important to understand that we are often looking for specific styles of music that are based on requests from our clients. So if we do not contact you, it is not a statement about your music. It may be music that, based upon our experience, we just do not feel that we can place at this time.

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