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Some frequently asked questions to which you should know the answers, before you submit your work:

1.  If I am represented by Titanium, can I still offer my work to other publishers?

We are totally NON-EXCLUSIVE. That means you are free to shop your music other places. If you have an agreement with other publishers, please let us know about those agreements and which songs they involve.


2.  Do you require payment up-front from artists?

We charge NOTHING up-front. We work for free, until we get your song placed.


3.  How do you get paid? How do I get paid?

We take 100% of Publishers royalties, and you retain 100% of the Writers royalties. This is an industry standard with unknown and indi talent. We split all Sync & Master fees that we receive 50/50 with the writers.


4.  When do I get paid?

Normally, we do not let placements go without some sync and master fee up-front. However, in this changing environment of tighter budgets, demanding up-front fees is becoming increasingly more difficult. This is known as a Royalty Only deal. If you will not accept a Royalty Only deal, please let us know, and we will not shop your music to those opportunities. That is not an issue for us.


5.  Do I get to approve each placement in advance?

We insist on having the right to make decisions about the placement. Many times, the entire opportunity is only open for a very short time - as little as two hours to submit, in some cases. That entails searching our catalogue and sending the music. We cannot call you to see if you are in agreement. A placement is a placement and money is money - so we are going to accept each placement offer without your prior approval.


6.  How do I know if you are seriously trying to place my work?

If we did not believe in your talent and music, we would not have offered to represent you. We work hard for our artists and constantly look for new opportunities and placements. If we have accepted your songs, then rest assured that we believe in them. When an opportunity is presented that is right for your songs, they will be sent.


7.  What if my work is not good enough for placement?

We do not shop talent nor are we talent consultants. We do not critique your material. If you are looking for a record label deal, that is not our business. We can get you exposure by placing your music. That has never hurt any artist. If we do not accept your music, please do not be offended. We have very stringent requirements that are based on the quality that our clients require.


8.  When will I hear from Titanium?

After our initial contact and getting the agreements signed, we will normally only email or call if we have interest in or have placed your song(s). You are welcome to contact us via email with questions. If it is not work-related, then it may be some time before we reply.


9.  What happens when you get a placement request?

Many times, we will present 5 or more songs from different writers for one opportunity. The client reviews these tracks and may not take any of them. We normally only notify the writer if the track is being seriously considered. Even then, there is no guarantee that it will make the final cut.


10.  How do I submit a music sample?

Please contact us here prior to submitting your music. DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL WITH ATTACHED MP3s. They most likely will not be downloaded. We PREFER to first review your music on your website, MySpace, YouTube, or other web-based media site. Providing a link to one of those will save time. If we are interested, then we will then instruct you to send additional MP3s.


11.  What kind of sample format is acceptable?

Send MP3 of a quality no less than 128 kpbs and titled appropriately with the name of the song, i.e. "mysong.mp3".


12.  What if I don't own the music?

You must own or have rights to the music you send. If co-written, you must get permission from the other writers.


13.  Must I belong to a Pro Affiliate?

If we represent your music, you must belong to a Pro Affiliate - ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC in the U.S., SOCAN in Canada, or a corresponding affiliate in your home country. WHY? That is the only way you will get paid your royalties.


14.  What if I still have questions?

Please contact us with any questions concerning submissions or how our agreement works. We will be glad to answer your questions. If you want to understand more about the music publishing industry, then check out these additional online reources in our links area.

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