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If you are looking for quality production for your project, then The Titanium Group is your solution.  Combining our large in-house song catalog with a select group of indi-publishers, producers and songwriters in the US, Canada and Europe, we have the music and talent to meet your needs.  Whether it is just that one unique track or music supervision for an entire project, we have the capability.

If you want to identify your brand with a top name artist, or if the budget isn't there for the superstar rates, The Titanium Group can deliver.  We have some of the most talented indi-artists, bands and producers/songwriters in the business.  Our catalog is pre-cleared and ready to place.

We understand how this business works and that your music selection is often last-minute or short-notice.  No problem!  Just give us your direction, or what your client is looking for, and we will supply you with the music that you need:

On-Time and On-Budget.

Please contact us to get started.

Below are samples of just a few of the works that we represent in our diverse song catalog.

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