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Stolen Sweets

 The Stolen Sweets formed in 2004 after rehearsing for a one-off tribute show to 1930s sister act,The Boswell Sisters. They loved the material so  much, they decided  they  weren't ready to part with it just yet. Comprised of vocalists Jen Bernard, Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland, guitarists Pete Krebs and David Langenes and double bass player Keith Brush, The Sweets' repertoire has expanded to include material from the 1920s-1940s. Their arrangements are still inspired by the Boswells' tight 3-part harmonies, frequent tempo changes and "knowing shrugs and raised eyebrows," as noted by the Oregonian's A&E.

 We have been fans of the Stolen Sweets for a number of years here at Titanium. Now to be able to announce they are a part of Titanium's catalog is just fantastic. We look forward to working with this talented group.

 Now mix your favorite martini, sit back and prepare to be bedazzeled.





I want to inspire others and make music with substance. - Preeta

 Titanium is very excited about this new artist joining our group. Welcome Preeta!

Originally from Hawaii, growing up on the island of Kauai.
Her parents started to cultivate her passion for music at an early age and
Preeta was playing piano at six and writing music at eight.

After 10 months of being in the studio with producer Brian Reeves,
Preeta's long anticipated full length album "In This Moment" was
finally released. Preeta's new album, dominated by her hypnotizing
vocals and intricate guitar work is a masterpiece of sound, ready for
the airwaves.This is a unique modern rock package, creating Preeta's
own brand of pop/rock. The lyrics are real and the production by
Brian Reeves of "Jungle Room Studios", makes Preeta ready for the world.




 Elise Bellew and Blake Ryan/ The Mary Dream

Since their fated meeting through a classified ad in a San Francisco newspaper, Blake Ryan and Elise Bellew have been a prolific songwriting team, working meticulously to create their own unique sound and style of vibe alternative pop/rock. I have really enjoyed their "The Mary Dream" album. I am obviously not alone. They have already achieved placements on a number of major TV shows and in films. With the addition of their music to our catalog, we are hoping to help place those songs even more places. Also look for their new album release around the middle of this year, 2009.  If it is anything like the last, it is a must have.



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