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For Advertisers, Movie Producers, Media Creators

Anyone that has ever used music in their productions has experienced instances where applying existing music to the creative process just doesn't work.  It often calls for a specific feel, mood or even a particular instrument.  Creating project-specific music is something The Titanium Group has accomplished for many years for a diverse set of clients, ranging from Fortune 500 companies (including NCR, Mead Paper, AT&T and Goodyear) to writing original music for contemporary recording artists and film producers.  Working through your direction and listening to your concepts, we are able to create a track that is specific to your production and supports the message or feeling that you are trying to impart.  This is especially valuable in advertising, where the music needs to target a specific demographic.  Or in film, where it supports and reinforces the emotion captured in that scene that you so painstakingly shot.  Our group of professional producer/songwriters will be able to create a custom track or tracks that support your entire production.

The Titanium Group quotes project-specific and custom music on an individual project basis.  Please contact us to discuss how we can help take your production to the next level - on time and at a budget that might surprise you!

Below are examples of custom music projects that we provided for NCR, Mead Paper, and Goodyear.

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